"The real beauty of makeup is that it has no creative limit"

Adam Miller Beauty is a Makeup Service that is as ICONIC as the founder. Adam Miller has entered the Beauty world and he is here to stay and to SLAY, creating truly phenomenal looks on clients all across the UK using only the worlds most luxurious makeup and skin care products. 

Whether you are wanting a nice, soft beat for your weekly commute to the grocery store, your BBF's wedding or you are wanting to really take it there with a bright, bold, full glam, big lash look, Adam Miller Beauty has got you covered! 

Although Adam does love a neutral moment on clients, his speciality is colour saturation! No muddiness, no bad blending, just pure perfection found in blindingly bright eye shadow pigments! He's the KING of colour and if you're willing to take it there? You WONT be disappointed!